Month: September 2019

The Graveyard Shift

I never thought I’d enjoy another night job as thoroughly as I enjoy spooking people. Spooking is still my main

Spooky Window Mischief

I just want to say, as a spooky skeleton, I am ALL about windows. I have so much fun with

Do the Crackle!

I always knew that disco would be the end of me. For years I have attempted to escape from disco,

Lintels and Beams

You won’t get rid of me! I’m hot on the case, still looking for that scoop, see? Things have been

Big Hair, Don’t Care

80s hairstyles: what’s the big idea? More to the point, what’s with the bigness in general? Like, where did that

Over-It Emoji

My stepmother, Sharon, drives me up the wall. In short, she behaves as though she’s my sister, but a sister

The Russian Queen

I can officially confirm that Natalia is the actual worst. No doubt any day now, the mayor of Worstville is

Ducts, Acceptable Solution

The discerning man would say that ducted heating is a structural weakness, but I like to take such weaknesses and

Farewell, Earth Balustrades

You know, I’m starting to get the vague impression that living on the moon isn’t going to be very fun.