Spooky Window Mischief

I just want to say, as a spooky skeleton, I am ALL about windows. I have so much fun with windows! You see, windows are the windows to the soul, and…hmm, that’s not right.

Windows are the windows to the home?

Doors. Doors are the…you know, sometimes I feel like the thoughts just fall out of my head, perhaps on account of my skull being relatively open and not great for keeping things inside. I do know for sure that wide windows are a trend right now, and it’s great.

Everywhere I look, people are getting timber window replacement. Melbourne based companies must be booming, because it’s out with the small, in with the large, and large windows are GREAT for spooking. At night I creep outside the wide windows of people who’ve neglected to close the curtains, perhaps because they want to show off their lovely new timber windows to the world. And then, when they look out at the darkness, I emerge from hiding and press my skull against the glass, singing a spooky song while dancing a jig. They scream, I scream (with laughter) and everyone is a lot happier for their evening being made more exciting. Then I just go somewhere else, find another window and rinse and repeat. So exciting!

My fellows at the Human Classes have said that I need to be more subtle, but I’m having far too much fun to stop now. And I’m very careful during the day. I wear a big hat and trench-coat and everything!

Oh, they’re just jealous that they’re not having as much spooky fun as me. And what’s more spooky than walking around seeing people getting door replacement? Well, maybe Halloween, and spooky skeletons, and witches and ghouls and zombies and things that go bump in the night. But door and window replacement are high up on that list…somewhere. 

-Rattlebones McSkulliam