The Graveyard Shift

I never thought I’d enjoy another night job as thoroughly as I enjoy spooking people. Spooking is still my main ‘thing’, but I do believe I must have been a musical chap back when I still had flesh on my bones, because music speaks to me in a special way. And I get to indulge in music to a great degree as a DJ by night. It gives me something to do, I get to make music for many excitable people, and due to very poor club lighting, everyone just thinks I’m pretending to be a skeleton, with convincing costume-work and neon body paint. Perfect.

I certainly gives me a release from our dull Human Classes, which insist on making us learn about car brake servicing. Garages in Ringwood simply must be getting suspicious by now, what with how many of our assignments involve pretending that we’re ordinary humans and going to get services. Some of us are better at pretending we’re legitimate people in need of services than others, and so things must get pretty weird, pretty often. Personally, I think I’m very good at it, what with my flawless fedora and trench-coat combo. No one could possibly mistake me for anything other than a distinguished gentleman, as opposed to a spooky skeleton, which is what I really am.

SO many car-related assignments, though. Sometimes my DJ gig is the only way I can properly unwind after a long day of walking around learning about cars and log book servicing and what mechanics do at lunchtimes. Sometimes, even the act of spooking isn’t enough, depending on who it is I’ve spooked. They just don’t react properly, sometimes…

Anyway, I know if I’ve had a hard day learning about brake repairs and log book services, and why Ringwood mechanics are THE BEST, I know that I always have my beloved graveyard shift as beloved skeleton DJ Boney Mac.

It’s not really ‘spooky’, but sometimes even I need a break from all the spooking.  

-R. McS