Practical Alternative Fashion

Ever been caught standing at the door of your open wardrobe, staring into the void without a single clue of how to take stuff out and put it all together? Don’t worry…we’ve all been there. Choosing what to wear doesn’t have to be a chore, however, especially when you’ve got a whole world of options just waiting to be claimed!

We’re always researching new ways to use fashion, so here are some of our very best…

Mitten Socks

Oh my gracious, I just could NOT live without these. Take away my mitten socks and you take away my life. 

The concept is super simple: get some oversized mittens, and use them as socks (over your actual socks). Absolutely perfect for the office worker sitting at their desk all day who wants to take off their uncomfortable shoes, but also keep the cold and the odour at a minimum. 

Simply slip in and out of them whenever you feel like it, and glare at the unenlightened Karens of the world if they try to tell you otherwise – Yasmina


I got nothing else to say on that, except to say that yep, mitten socks are heavenly. Yep, they’re the perfect practical footwear for sitting comfort. And yep…Karen can go jump out a window if she has a problem with it. – Xander

Jean Scarves

What’s the hardiest material on the planet that also constitutes a piece of clothing? Denim. So why have we made a blanket rule that denim can only be worn on our legs? Weird, right? A denim scarf is a simple, wind-blocking concept that involves cutting off the legs of a pair of jeans, sewing them together and using them as a scarf. 

It’s a great way to use a pair of jeans that are past their heyday, and you’ll be as warm as if it were Egyptian cotton. – Xander


Even with my open mind, I was skeptical when Xander suggested this one to me. But wow, you wouldn’t believe how well it works! You get used to the roughness of the material, and then you realise that you’re warm as toast, stylish as heck and about fifty years ahead of the current fashion developments. – Yasmina

Bow-Tie Wristbands

The title might say ‘bow-tie’ but actually, there are two fun variations of this trend: bow-tie and regular tie.

The basic version has you taking two bow-ties and tying them around your wrists. Not only do you look fab, but you can also use them to hold small items like rolled-up notes and car keys. Can’t do THAT with a watch or a bracelet, can you? 

The tie version is even better, in my opinion, if only because the two ties leave a flowing trail every time you move your arm, which can make you start interpretive dancing pretty much anywhere. – Yasmina


If I’m honest, I think I prefer the bow-tie variation. There’s something comforting about the feel of a bow-tie on both wrists, and I’ll never need to worry again about accidentally leaning on my car keys. 

Because they’re dangling off my rather dapper bracelets. –Xander

Cushion Harness

This super simple idea requires a few light cushions and a length of soft rope. What you want to do is thread the cushions along the rope like a giant necklace…and then sling it over your shoulder. 

There you have it! A gorgeous look for winter, but also, cushions whenever you need them. They’ll be with you every single time you sit down, they give you a buffer on crowded public transport, and you can even slide them off one-by-one and share with friends. – Xander


This one was an absolute lifesaver. I commute on one of the busiest trains in the entire city, but now that I can sling on my trusty cushion harness, my seats (when I can grab one) are comfier and the cushions act as a natural barrier against gross, sweaty people. 

There was also that one time when I was walking alone at night in a dodgy area, and I was able to whip off the harness and lash it around in a figure-eight like a poofy protective force-field. How practical can one idea get?? – Yasmina