Lintels and Beams

You won’t get rid of me! I’m hot on the case, still looking for that scoop, see? Things have been kinda difficult lately, what with all those folks saying that print media is finished once everyone moves underwater. The paper will get wet, people won’t be able to carry newspapers and pamphlets because they’ll get too soggy! I got my doubts that folks are gonna go through with it, but you never know.  

I gotta hedge my bets. Plant my nest egg. Throw my best foot to the wind. 

Maybe I could fabricate steel? I’m Scoop Mcgee, Melbourne’s best steel fabrication expert! I’m hot on the trail of the big scoop, which is what I call the best piece of steel beam you ever did see. I never miss the chance to sniff out a good story, which is how I refer to the process by which steel lintels are created by melting down metal and pouring it into a cast to turn it into a useful asset to industry.

I only know about this because it’s one of the big, up-and-coming industries, see. I know all about them, especially with that piece I wrote for the quarterly publication Steel Lintels For the Discerning Enthusiast. You’d be surprised how many people are passionate about steel lintels. Actually, maybe not…it’s about as many people as would buy enough copies of a magazine to keep it in print. So quite a few.

People were goin’ nuts for lintels and beams. It was lintels and beams galore.I got sent out to take snapshots of steel fabrication companies, lintels, beams, beams, lintels, covering every page. Full colour spreads, with interviews and opinion pieces, all of them on steel lintels! Melbourne goes nuts for industry, whether it’s welding or boating or, in this case, big old beams, see.

That’s got me thinking…is all that passion just going away, just because folks are underwater? No way, José! José is the name of my main steel production contact…but I got a few.

-Scoop McGee