My Clumsy Mother

I’m worried about my mum. She’s really clumsy and keeps falling over. So far she’s been okay and managed to recover from her falls relatively unscathed but I’m worried that sometime soon she might not get off as easy. She seems completely unphased by the issue which also makes it worse for me. If I care for her and am upset about something, then I think she should take me seriously.

What if she falls over and injures her shoulder or something? Imagine if she really hurt herself and needed shoulder surgery. I’m no doctor by any stretch of the imagination (I’m only eighteen) but I imagine needing any sort of shoulder surgery would be an issue. I would hate for her to hurt herself and have to visit a shoulder injury specialist practising in Melbourne. I’m sure the shoulder specialist would be great and help and would fix my mum up to the best of their ability, but I don’t want that to be the situation in the first place. That’s why I wish my mum would be more careful. I wish she would just start at least trying to walk straight. I mean, how hard can it actually be? I’m only eighteen and I’ve managed to learn to walk better than she has.

In my anxiety, I’ve started looking into the types of surgeries that my mum may have to get if she properly injured her shoulder. I’ve read into this thing called shoulder arthroscopy which is like something surgeons do to have a good look at the injury before moving on to potentially larger surgeries. In some cases, the surgeon only needs to do the shoulder arthroscopy and can fix up whatever damage through that, but in larger problems that is just the beginning. If it ever came to that, I’d hope that my mum would only need the minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy option, but knowing my mum – that wouldn’t be the case.