Ducts, Acceptable Solution

The discerning man would say that ducted heating is a structural weakness, but I like to take such weaknesses and turn them into strengths. It’s what makes me such a successful man. 

I have my large piece of real estate, and it simply must be heated. No use swanning about my property with all the corridors freezing cold! My staff will get frostbite.

Yes, it’s quite a cost, but that’s part and parcel of owning something larger than the average home. Once I choose a company for ducted heating installations within Sydney, I shall make them very happy indeed, given the size of the place. But what of the structural weaknesses, I hear you say? Well, that’s where the true ingenuity comes in, because these are not simply air ducts. They convey heat…a great deal of heat, in fact.

Provided that I have a system set up to show me when unwanted guests are using them as a means of ingress, I should have all I need to flush any intruders out, or… otherwise. When the ducted heating is installed, I shall have to ask about any smart features that may be available. I like the idea of linking my phone or other such communication device to the heating, so that I may turn it off and on at my leisure. I’ll arrive home in the evening to a warm home, instead of having to turn it on when I get in and shivering for a few minutes at least. Then again, the staff will be here during the day, so perhaps there’s an even less hands-on option to keep things toasty all day.

Options are nice. I’d also like the option to install cameras and audio receivers inside the ducts, so that if anyone happens to be inside when I crank up the heat to maximum, I can hear the… results.

I understand that most of the heating services around Sydney are loathe to install extra-large ducts of that variety. But I quite like the challenge of them being large enough to crawl through.

-E.V. Ilian