Hustle and Scout

It’s called fashion, Karen. Look it up.*

Those were the words that led to the founding of Hustle and Scout, Australia’s premiere alternative fashion site. By ‘alternative’, we don’t mean the bizarre things that people wear while they’re strutting around the catwalks, things that you’d never actually wear in public. 

Nope! We’re all about practical, comfortable, and looking amazing at the same time. Here at Hustle and Scout, we want to give you the fashion tips that no one else is offering: ways to stay cozy at home, how you can pull off fabulous and comfortable office-wear, and what do you wear if the Queen comes to your home for tea and crumpets but you don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard? 

Here you’ll find…some of the answers. Look, fashion is broad, and that’s what makes it so fantastic. But we’ll endeavour to update the site as much as possible, providing you with some of the hottest fashion trends that you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing. We are ALL about combining looks and comfort in ways that no one ever has.

Xander and Yasmina


*For anyone who needs to know, we were inspired to create Hustle and Scout after a run-in with your typical boomer Karen, the office stickybeak who always dresses to societal regulations and can’t even stomach the thought of deviation.

Karen noticed us in the office one day wearing mittens on our feet, which (as you’ll find out elsewhere on the site) is an excellent method of foot warmth, and thought she’d deliver a lecture.

Well, this goes out to all the Karens of the world, literally and metaphorically: fashion is expression. Fashion is comfort. It’s a new era, Karen, and if you can’t keep up, you’re going to miss this fabulous comfort train.