Utes and Birds

Part of my mindfulness lessons with Master Tiger Sun have involved trying to let go of this earthly tether and become totally free from cares and worries. Mostly those surrounding money. At first I wondered why then we were paying for lessons, but hey, a guy’s gotta eat and buy new meditation mats and so forth. You don’t want to become so incredibly detached that you stop eating and expire, know what I’m saying?

My problem is that I’m way too grounded. I just started my own plumbing business, and this week I had 4×4 aluminium canopies fitted because the business is going so well. I’ve never had this much money in my life, and once I get under tray drawers and ute canopies and my ride is totally tricked out, I don’t know what I’m going to do next, because I’ve never even had a think about it. Uh…new toolbox, maybe?

So here I am, in meditation class, trying to find my inner spirit animal. It’s not that I think money is bad or anything…it’s just that I want to stop thinking about it all the time. I asked Master Tiger Sun about it once after class, and he told me that “Money, my friend…money is like a bird. You delight in it landing on your finger, and you are right to. But remember that it is free to fly away if you do not treat it well.”

Master Tiger Sun certainly does like relating things back to birds, and animals, and occasionally amoeba when the mood strikes him. I’m wondering if I’ve gone overboard with the whole ute canopy thing, though. Or maybe I’m treating the bird well at the moment, but if I trick the ute out too much on some kind of ute spending spree, it’ll get too heavy, I’ll burn too much fuel getting to jobs and all my money will go on petrol, leaving me penniless.

Or…something. I’m going to think about aluminium commercial ute canopies very carefully. Maybe that’s one step too far, and I need to become more enlightened first. I haven’t even found my animal yet, although I’m pretty sure it’s an aquatic mammal of some kind.