Thalassophobia, My Nemesis…

So, fun week at uni.

You’d think my final year would be all about finding jobs and other such serious business, but NAH. Our tutors are all experiencing a bout of the mid-year-lazies (I can relate) and they’ve given everyone an assignment to see if these new plans to build underwater dome cities off the coast of Melbourne are going to pan out.

Cool beans, easiest assignment ever. I just wrote ‘YEAH, NAH’ on a piece of paper, but Carter and Sudio dragged me down with them into their pit of being teacher’s pets, so now I’m actually putting effort into it.

Okay, let’s think about boats. Boat mechanics local to Melbourne have always had a fairly good reputation, which I know because I am not a seafarer and even I’ve heard of them. Seriously, I get SO seasick. Let’s say that Nathan Fillion appeared at my bedroom door, saying “Zoe, my love, the time has come for us to be together! All we have to do is get on this boat and have a beautiful speedboat wedding, after which we’ll retire to a private renovated nuclear submarine that’s been transported to the middle of the Siberian tundra!”

My genuine reaction would be: “Um, nice offer, handsome and perfect Firefly star Nathan Fillion, but does it have to be on a boat?  Is that, like, a dealbreaker?”

I’m serious. And now you know how biased I am against the thought of going out to sea to live inside a big glass bubble, because the sea is inherently terrifying and one day you will all know, but more importantly, the infrastructure only exists to live on boats. The places for anchor winch servicing near Melbourne could handle that sort of thing, but glass domes are going to require a number of things, notably scientific advancements that do not yet exist.

There, done. And no, I’m not taking the Nathan Fillion part out of my report. Everything’s better with Nathan Fillion.