These Modern Renovations

I am acing these human classes, which is probably something to do with the fact that I am human. Or very close to being a human, at least. Part of the reason I’m so good is that I’m human with the ability to perform Atlantean magic, so basically better than human. And for the record, my mystic arts are twice as good as the dull sparkly magic from those so-called ‘wizards’. Bunch of grouches, they are.

It makes things easier that things haven’t changed as much as you’d think from six-thousand years ago, when a war with Lemuris caused us to sink beneath the ways. For example, people still into hiring bathroom designers. Around Melbourne, bathrooms are quite different to ours, but I remember distinctly the people who used to make a living designing new washrooms, for when people got bored with their current one and wanted a change. In fact, in my class at the great academy, a good few people wanted to become bathroom designers as a career. Such is the way when your society is vastly advanced, entirely automated, mystically blessed and so everyone ends up with a lot of free time on their hands. We had the resources to renovate kitchens and bathrooms every other week, and so we did. Like, for fun. 

Sometimes I’d come home from class and Mother would have taken out the Splash Hole and replaced it with one of a different design, as well as placed the Cleansing Wellness Well into the other corner because she thought it suited the look of the room a little better. Mother never really took to perfecting a craft like many other people, so she had a bit too much time on her hands. Now, here in Melbourne, companies for kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations are something of a more ‘involved’ solution that takes time and effort, and thus maybe a bit more special. 

Anyway, I scored perfect marks on the Renovation and Design pop quiz. Give me something challenging!