Sugar Ruined Teeth

I’m addicted to sugary treats. It’s a genuine problem and has caused issues with both my health and my teeth. It was alright whilst I was a child and a teenager because I had a good metabolism, but as soon as I hit early adulthood I was screwed. The years of eating sugary treats caught up with me and I doubled in weight and my teeth started decaying. 

My parents could see the inevitable problems coming from my addiction to sugar and made sure that they took me, from a young age, to a dentist specialising in family dental near Bayside. I grew up in a family-friendly area, so it was easy for them to find an experienced dentist near me. Whilst visiting the dentist regularly helped my teeth a lot as a young child and teenager, as soon as I was an adult and started having to go to the dentist myself, my teeth decayed significantly.

Now as an adult, I am twenty kilos overweight and my teeth are in a terrible condition. I’ve invested in teeth straightening in the hope that having straight teeth will detract from the rest of me, but I’m not sure if it’s working. Also, as a disclaimer, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a bit of sugar and a bit of extra meat on my bones, but this is too much. My doctor has told me that I’m clinically obese, which is not healthy and I can’t condone it. My dentist has told me that my teeth are repairable, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication. I am willing to put in that hard work. 

I wish that I wasn’t addicted to sugar. Addictions are genuine health issues and it has really made my life harder to live. I hope that as I focus on losing weight and fixing my teeth, my sugar addiction will subside.