Painted Mural

I’m a part of the local council and I am currently sourcing artists to paint a mural. The mural will be to say thank you to all the essential workers this year. It will be a statement. It will show essential workers just how thankful we are for everything they have done for us over the last twelve months. We are truly grateful and I hope that this mural shows them that.

I am currently in discussions with a local painting contractor about the logistics of the project. We don’t have the biggest budget being a local council, but we have a lot of heart. The painting contractor that we are going to employ will also have a lot of heart and will believe in the cause that this mural is about. It’s important that the art reflects how we feel and therefore it’s pivotal that the artist feels the same way. 

After discussing the project with a handful of painters, I have decided to go with the local commercial painter. Melbourne painters have fantastic resumes, but this painter has gone above and beyond when it comes to pro bono and charity projects. This painter was going to try and not accept any money from us, which we really appreciate. We can’t accept this job for free, however, but we have been able to decrease the amount we were going to spend on the project. The rest of the money will go towards building better resources for our essential workers.

I’m looking forward to getting this project underway. It’s been a tough year for many people in our local community, and we are hoping that this will lighten up the lives of those who walk by it. We are also hoping that the essential workers who see it understand how much their work means to our council.

Here’s to better things in 2021 and beyond.