Dog’s Air Conditioning

I’m a foster parent of three dogs from my local animal shelter. I absolutely love fostering dogs and providing them with an interim home until they find their forever home. Whilst I foster these dogs, which is on average for about four months, I train them and make sure that they are ready to live in a new home environment. These dogs do just as much for me as I do for them, and I will love all of them forever and always be grateful for the company they have given me. 

I recently took a new foster dog home, and he has a really thick coat. His breed is more suited to cold climates, but Sydney in the summer is an extremely warm place. I’ve let the local shelter know that my house isn’t suitable for a dog with such a thick coat, due to my run-down air conditioner, and they have stated that they are more than happy to pay for my home to have an air conditioning service. Near Sydney, animal shelters care so deeply about their animals that they’re happy to spend money to make sure the animals can be cared for as best as possible. It’s beautiful.

I expect that my newest arrival will spend the majority of his time underneath the aircon. At the moment he spends a lot of time in a little makeshift pool that I put out for him. The poor little dude is so hot.

The shelter has also agreed that it will take responsibility for any necessary air conditioning repairs for Sydney homes over the coming months, especially for older air con units that are prone to breaking down. I’m really chuffed that the animal shelter is willin

g to go to these lengths to help look after the dogs that I’m fostering. We all love them, and want what is best for them. I know that the owners that choose these dogs will be the same.