Sister’s Perfect Eyes

I’ve always been jealous of my older sister. She’s had 20/20 vision her entire life, and I’ve had glasses since I was six. How can we have the exact same parents and I assume the exact same genes, and I can barely see even with glasses and she has crystal clear vision? It’s so unfair. She loves rubbing it in as well. She always makes fun of me for having to put my glasses on first thing in the morning. Sometimes she’ll come into my room to show me something cool when I don’t have glasses on and then refuse to wait until I put my glasses on to show me properly. I think it’s actually kind of a form of bullying.

I didn’t know that my eyes were blurrier than everyone else’s until I visited an optometrist close to Bayside about ten years ago. I thought everyone had blurry eyes. When the optometrist put a lens over my eye that was crystal clear, I literally gasped. I had never seen anything like it, and I was shocked to learn that that’s what the world looks like from most people’s eyes… my sister’s included. From that day on, my sister has never let me forget that I’m different from the norm and that she’s perfect. It sucks.

It’s not that I’m ashamed of having glasses or not having perfect eyesight. It is what it is and I’m alright with that, I just wish my sister wouldn’t make me feel like such a loser. Sometimes I secretly wish that her vision would fade to the same quality as mine and that she would find out what it’s like. Imagine the irony if a professional behavioural optometrist told her that her eyesight wasn’t good enough anymore and that it was because of her behaviour. Revenge is sweet, but I don’t think I’ll be that lucky. Would be very nice though.