Nacho Car Brakes

Have you ever tried to drive and eat nachos at the same time? It’s actually a lot more difficult than it seems. I thought that I’d be able to steer and brake and all that jazz quite easily, but it’s proven hard. My nachos are getting cold because I’m spending so much time checking on the traffic in front of me.

Driving safely is costing me one of the most delicious meals I could ever eat. I looked down for a moment to choose a really cheesy, salsa-ry nacho. I look up once I’ve chosen it and then there’s a car right in front of me. I had to slam on the brakes and then I dropped half of my nachos all over my brake pads. So because of that, not only did I not get to eat half of my nachos, I had to get a car brake repair near me on my way home from work. 

You could imagine how awkward it was when I rolled up to the mechanic and he had a look at my brakes. My brakes looked and smelled like one big nacho, which whilst delicious, was probably one of the more absurd things that my mechanic had seen. When I was chatting with the mechanic, I didn’t even try to hide the fact that I wanted to eat the nachos off my brakes. I was picking at the cleaner of the nachos from my car floor, and just not looking my mechanic in the eye.

I wonder if I’ll even be invited back to that mechanic workshop. He’s one of the only professional mechanics near Underwood that actually does a good job, so it’ll be pretty bad for me if he doesn’t want me to come to his workshop anymore. I’ll probably be known as the guy who destroyed his brakes by covering them in nachos and then also eating those nachos during the car brake repair.