Overdue Suspension Service

For a long time, the outward appearance of my car has represented my inner emotional state. If I’m feeling positive and motivated, then my car is sparkling clean and is up to date on its service requirements. If I’m feeling the way I am now: down, disappointed and lonely, then my car is untouched, unappreciated and struggling. 

Before yesterday, I had often wondered whether people could tell the difference between when I was feeling happy or sad, based on the state of my car. Well, I’ve finally found out that is indeed the case. My best friend approached me yesterday and said she has been noticing that I haven’t been looking after the things I own, in particular my car, and that she thinks I need to visit a mechanic. Local to Highfields as she is, my friend said that she’ll go with me to make sure I get everything done that I need. That is very kind of her and she clearly knows me well, seeing as I do not have the energy or drive to put the car in for service myself. 

I am concerned about what will need to happen with my car, as I have been seriously neglecting it for the last six months. When I drive, I often drive in a way that can damage my car, mainly because I don’t care about it. My best friend told me that she’s guessing I will need at the very least a suspension service, and to brace myself for more repairs just in case.

I am so lucky to have a best friend that cares about me. To have her support when I’m going through tough times means the world to me, and I am very fortunate that thanks to her I will have a safe car to drive very soon. Maybe mending my car will be the first step towards mending myself.