Combating Body Dysphoria

I, like many others out there, find it difficult to talk about my weight. Body dysphoria is an extremely tough concept to deal with and in the past, it has taken its toll on my physical and mental wellbeing. But as I have gotten older, and hopefully wiser and more mature, I have learnt not to be ruled by my appearance or weight. This has taken me years, and is still something that I struggle with, however I am now empowered, rather than giving the power to my physical appearance.

A large part of my self love journey has revolved around healthy eating habits, better sleep and more exercise. I know that sounds so standard, and is what everyone lists off to someone who is feeling dissatisfied with this appearance. But it’s true. Looking after yourself really does have such a positive effect on a persons’ overall well being. No longer do I binge eat unhealthy food and then feel bad about it. I now stick to the healthy routine of weight loss prepared meals. These meals keep me feeling full and give me the nutrients I need for the appropriate amount of exercise. 

I say the ‘appropriate’ amount of exercise, because I have a history of binge exercising as well as binge eating. I would do too much too quickly and exhaust myself. It wasn’t healthy. Now I listen to my body and stick to healthy routines. If you can’t tell already, I used to have a very addictive personality. This is something I have been working on for a long time, and I’m very glad I have learnt to curb my addictions. 

Living a healthy, well-rounded life means looking at yourself from all angles and doing your best to improve yourself. By signing the high protein meal delivery service, I was able to place a higher focus on other parts of my life, rather than spending a significant amount of my time worrying about my food consumption. I’m proud of the healthy steps I have taken so far in my life, and I’m looking forward to all the healthy steps I’ll take in the future.