Mistake Car Purchase

I often find it difficult to admit that I’ve made a mistake, but this time it’s hard to pretend that I haven’t. I bought a car that’s about twenty years old for very cheap, and thought I was getting an absolute bargain. As it turns out though, I bought a car that is going to be a lot more troublesome than it’s worth. I honestly got a headache when I took the car to be serviced for the first time and I had to listen to the mechanic list everything that needs to be repaired or serviced on the car to make it roadworthy. I stopped listening after the sixth thing got mentioned. What a nightmare.

But, I’ve already bought the car and so I have to just bite the bullet and get everything serviced. The mechanic has come up with a service plan, so that I can group services together and spread others out to make it more financially viable. First up is the wheel alignment service and that’s tomorrow. The mechanic said that of everything on the list, that’s the most important, which means it’s the first on the list to get done.

Despite how much all of this sucks, I’m really impressed with how the mechanic has handled it. I can genuinely tell that he’s looking out for my best interest, and the plan he created has confirmed that. It makes this whole experience a bit better.

After the wheel alignment service, my next service will be more minor to spread out the financial burden. So in two weeks time, I’ll be getting a car air conditioning regas. Within Adelaide, a working air conditioner is kind of essential over summer, so it wouldn’t make sense to skip the regas when I know the air con is something that I’ll genuinely need.

I’ll update you guys in two weeks about how the first two services have gone. Hopefully they would have gone well.