Car Birthday Present

It’s my brother’s birthday next week and my whole family has put in to help buy my brother his first car. We have a massive extended family, thanks to my dad having more siblings than should be physically possible, so we’ve gotten a decent amount of money together. This will be the best present we could ever give him, and I’m so excited to give it to him.

He has no idea that this is our plan, and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when we not only hand him the keys, but also the roadworthy certificate from the Brighton car mechanic that we got it serviced at. That’s seriously two presents in one: the car and the money he will save by not having to get the car serviced for another year. We’re the best family ever. 

I’ve been the person spearheading the whole expedition and because of that, I was the person who took the car to the mechanic. I couldn’t hold in my excitement when I was there, and told the mechanic about the whole surprise whilst he was doing the car repairs. Around Brighton, mechanics tend to be really decent people, and he loved the idea. He said in all his years as a mechanic, he’d never seen a family band together like we have to do something this kind for their loved one. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t teary when he said that.

When you love someone as much as I love my brother, you’d really do anything for them. Because my family has bought him this car, we’re opening him up to so many opportunities that he wouldn’t have had without it. He’ll be able to apply for jobs in the country like he wants to, and hopefully land his dream career soon. I’m so proud of him and I hope buying this car gives him the leg up that he deserves.