Elegantly Submerged Kitchen

Echolocation has never exactly been a showcase of the world’s best kitchen design. I mean, mostly you’ve got people trapped inside small spaces deep underwater, and they’re far too busy trying to eke out a living to make their kitchens look all nice and contemporary.

Well, until Karina turned up, that is. Her abode off the coast is basically the pinnacle of modern kitchen design, despite being so small. She took up a whole episode to herself. Not only did she leave home at seventeen due to her parents nagging her to take over the family trailer music production business, she also took to the ocean to find herself a place to live where there was NO sound, and thus no nagging. All by herself. You go, girl!

Anyway, she came across a sunken submarine, all covered in algae and quite horrid, but she documented the whole process of fixing it up, making it airtight again, bringing in furniture and eventually having the kitchen of her dreams installed. Of course, this was after a lengthy ‘kitchen facelift’ process. I suppose you could say it was the ultimate fixer-upper. Of course, the submarine itself isn’t exactly tiny – certainly enough space for one person to be comfortable – and now I’m wondering if kitchen design companies near Melbourne might be able to capitalise on some of these space saving techniques.

They did a tour of the whole thing, and oh my gracious, the kitchen was fabulous. Karina has made as much of the limited workspace as humanly possible. For example, she’s installed extra layers that pull right out of the work surface, giving you little extendo-shelves to put things on. All her utensils and cooking materials have a strict filing system, and she even has room for a full-sized microwave, which is attached to the ceiling and pulls down where the periscope used to be. 

I mean, there’s kitchen design, and then there’s this feat of spatial engineering.  Style, substance… submarine.