Virtual Weddings Galore

A lot of people on the forums guessed it, but the latest patch news confirms everything at last: Over-Botch is getting a marriage system. It’s becoming more and more like a rote life simulator by the day, and in the process, drifting away from the original purpose.

At the very least, this will give a boost to those poor souls who got into the virtual entertainment career paths and have found themselves stuck planning the occasional incredibly lame party. Now, if you offer wedding marquee hire services, Melbourne will be willing to accept your offering, because you’re suddenly going to he helping out with a lot of virtual weddings.

Most online games offer marriage in some capacity, and it tends to be a popular option for people who want a bit of spice, those who have no one to marry in real life, or anyone doing it for a laugh. The difference in Over-Botch is that it’s a proper community of people working towards a real-life goal, namely improving their career skills, so people take everything a little more seriously. Well, except that disaster of a driving patch, and the event that turned everything into a whimsical RPG. I was okay with that one, though, since it was supposed to be a temporary thing. 

Anyway, now that everyone’s making wedding plans, an entire new career path (wedding planner) has been added. Loads of people are trying that out, and now I’m glad that one of my business connections has another business connection that offers marquee hire for Melbourne (the virtual version).

Hey, I never said that I wasn’t going to take advantage of the marriage thing. I don’t think it’s overall good for the game, because people will become distracted from their careers. But I know that I won’t be, personally. My security business is booming, and getting married is just going to make my corporate connections stronger. It’s the same deal as a medieval political marriage, basically.