(Window) Summer Breeze

One of my favourite parts of a summer evening is sitting underneath the window in my living room and reading a good book. Dusk is slowly moving in and the cool breeze that comes with it is seeping through my open window. It provides a slow but comfortable relief as I immerse myself in the pages of whatever novel I’m reading at the time. I go through books quite quickly. What stays the same though, is the consistent cool breeze coming from my favourite spot in the world. 

The window above my chair is a traditional sash window. It’s stunning. I’m not sure if that’s a normal thing for a thirty-year-old man to say, but truly, it is a focal point in my home and lets in the perfect amount of sunlight for the setting. When I first bought this home, it came with a very similar looking window. Unfortunately, it didn’t open and without that fresh air the room felt stale and significantly less comfortable than it could have been. I completely lifted the aesthetics of the room and my home in general when I invested in a sash window replacement. Melbourne homes should all treat themselves to a luxury such as this.

Thanks to the replacement, I spend more time away from screens and more time engrossed in the works of the hundreds of talented writers that came before me. I’m considering changing the design of my front door as well, to match the windows that I love so much. A door replacement would transform the aesthetics of my home, to properly represent the love I have for writer’s artistry and traditional decor. To top it all off, I would be able to leave my front door slightly ajar without it opening the whole way, to let in more of that evening summer breeze that I love so much.