Wedding Tattoos

Last November, my wife and I got married! I still tear up thinking about it. The ceremony was the perfect mixture of sophisticated and fun, and it represented us completely. Every wall was covered in something that was meaningful to us, every guest was someone we loved and our vows were the epitome of true love written on a page. I don’t think anything will ever, or could ever, be that perfect again, and I am okay with that. I married the love of my life and nothing will ever compare to the happiness I felt on that day. 

In traditional wedding fashion, when we got engaged we bought each other engagement rings, and when we got married we added a wedding band to the mix. However, we are not traditional people and a wedding band didn’t seem permanent enough to accurately describe how concrete our love is. So I flirted with the idea of both of us getting a wedding tattoo, and when I had found a couple of beautiful designs, I proposed the idea to my wife. The whole ordeal was much like proposing to her in the first place, which filled my heart with joy all over again.

Unsurprisingly, she said yes. We decided that we’d spend one afternoon making our love permanent by getting a tattoo. Bali, where we were honeymooning at the time, was an incredibly romantic place to document our love. We had just finished getting a couples massage when we wandered over to the tattoo parlour and were showered with such hospitality and talent and left feeling overwhelmingly happy. 

This coming November, we’re going to go away on holidays again to celebrate our one year anniversary. We are planning to go to Phuket for another luxurious beach holiday, where I believe we will get our second tattoo. Kata beach seems like the right place to celebrate our first year of love. I am very much looking forward to celebrating each and every year of love with my love.