Fruitless Affair

I wish I’d done a better job of pruning the fig tree last year. In fairness, I’d never pruned a fruit tree before and I didn’t want to brutally dismember it. But I can now see that I was overly tentative with my cuts, the result being that I still can’t reach any of the fruit. The tree is what you might call spindly or lanky, and my hope was to encourage it to grow somewhat outwards rather than upwards to create some balance. It’s now taller than ever, with now signs of an attempt to grow horizontally.

It’s not so much that I can’t reach the fruit, because I can if I climb up a ladder. The problem is more that I’m struggling with getting a net over it. Not that fruit tree netting is any more my strong suit than pruning is, but still, how hard is it supposed to be? The net just keeps getting caught on the branches when I try to throw it over. I’ve tried tying rocks to the corners so I can chuck it more cleanly, but even that proved fruitless… which, incidentally, is what I’ll be if the birds get to these figs before I manage to net them. 

Oh well. That’s backyard orchards for you – you win some, you lose some. At least, that’s my stance and I’m sticking to it. For the time being, it’s onto my second most pressing puzzle in the garden, which is the small packets of joy my sister’s shih tzu keeps leaving around the place. She’s over here a fair bit, so it’s an ongoing issue. What I want to know is whether there’s an easy way of making animal waste compostAs far as I can see, there’s not much I can do to stop these incidents from occurring short of banning the little guy from my house, and that’s a non-option. So, you know, when life hands you lemons, why not make compost?