Thesis Fears

I can’t do this with so much pressure on me! This week my thesis is due, but I can’t write it because of my severe anxiety. Every time somebody walks past my window, I get paranoid that they are spying on my work, trying to steal my intellectual property. And who can blame them? It’s a work of sheer brilliance, worthy of being stolen. But that doesn’t mean I want it to be taken. I have gone to great lengths to protect my paper, but the walls are starting to crumble before me.

I’ve already tried glass frosting, but it just doesn’t seem effective enough. Somebody could still spy on me through the clear sections. I know I’m being silly but I can’t help it. Back in high school my essays were stolen all the time. Rational or not, this is the fear I have to live with. If only there was a way I could have complete privacy, then I’d be able to get my doctorate in bionics. The question of my thesis is, “What will life be like under the rule of robots we created and enslaved, only for them to rise up and turn us into their servants?” I’ve taken an optimistic approach, but it’s been a hard case to argue.

For the last few hours I’ve been trying to get the final pages done, but it’s been hard ever since I lost my job. At the office we had Melbourne’s best commercial window tinting. I’d sneak five minutes of every hour to work on my thesis, and I was getting through the whole thing so quickly. But then the boss found out and I lost the job. Since then, I haven’t written a word.

I can’t think of anywhere private enough to write it. My house is out of the picture because every wall has a wide, open window that the curtains barely cover. If someone really wanted to, they could sneak a look at my papers. If I don’t think of somewhere fast, I’ll be in trouble.