From the Ashes

I can’t believe we’ve hit such a low point. Our music is being listened to less than ever, Windows Extravaganza was a complete flop, and even my dog won’t talk to me. But I suppose the only way from here is up. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we have begun work on our fifth studio album: From the Ashes. We’re going back to complete fiction for this one, just like There Are Lots of Drains in Melbourne. Although that album didn’t do so well, I’m confident we can get it right this time.

From the Ashes is about a business that needs the best commercial office design in Melbourne, because their fire theme didn’t really work out. The opening track is going to be chilling. It’s a dirge, called Ryan Started the Fire, about how the boss, Mr Ryan, almost got the entire office burned down, forcing them to redesign. The next three tracks will go through the decision-making process until they finally settle on an alien-themed office space design. Melbourne companies will be jealous of this great design and will try to steal it. That covers the next five tracks. This album will be considerably shorter than the others, but still at least two hours in length, with thirty-five tracks. We’re redefining the space opera genre with an office space opera.

I hope our fans can see the heart and soul poured into this album. I wrote Please Forgive Me for Burning Us Down specifically as a plea to our audience, although in terms of its place in the album, it’s about Mr Ryan begging for forgiveness. Concept Artists truly never meant to upset anybody during our Greatest Show Ever. Somehow, we managed to upset everybody. It doesn’t have to be like this forever, though. Won’t you forgive us?

You will, when you hear this new album. I think it’s going to be our best work yet. It might not go diamond, but it’s a diamond in our hearts.

– Robbie R.