Management System Needed

Returning to work after the holidays is always a drag. It takes me a few weeks to get out of the holiday fog and actually start working properly again. It’s like I’m in a food coma that has lasted since Christmas and I can’t get out of it. Usually, by early February I’ve finally gotten into work mode and then I can finally do the type of work that my boss expects from me. 

Thank goodness that whilst my brain is coming out of holiday mode, I can rely on the job management software for trades and services in Melbourne that my boss has us use. Without that software, I wouldn’t be able to function in the slightest. In January, I’d pretty much have no idea how to or when to get to a job without that platform. By February I usually have a pretty good grasp on what jobs I have to do and when, and I can send the apprentices pretty much wherever I want once that month comes around. Until then though, I’m pretty much the apprentice and the person (or technically platform) running the show is the plumbing job management software that I so heavily rely on. Pretty much the whole of January I count my lucky stars that we have this management system in place. I know I’m going around in circles saying the same thing over and over, but it’s true. It’s my January brain. I can’t think of too much at once and pretty much get stuck on one idea for the day. It’s not my fault – blame the Christmas ham!

Anyway, I should probably start trying to do some actual work. The apprentices are looking at me asking what they should do next. As if I know… I’m just going to look at which job is listed on the job management software and tell them that’s what they need to do. I don’t have the brain capacity to get creative.