Incredible Japanese Calligraphy

I am SO HUNGRY. I’ve been lying on this bed in the tattoo parlour for three hours now and I still have two hours to go before my ink is finished. My stomach is literally grumbling and I have no snacks or way of getting food at all. How unfortunate is that? I’m also trying really hard to make a good impression on the talented Japanese tattooist. Brisbane tattooists that are actual quality can be hard to come by and I know for a fact that the person inking me right now is one of the best there is. That’s why I wish my stomach would stop betraying me by growling!

I’m getting the most awesome tattoo right now as well. It’s really detailed and beautiful Japanese calligraphy down the side of my rib cage. It really hurts getting it done but it’s so worth it because it’s going to look so good. I’m going to make sure that whenever I’m not working, I’m walking around in a bikini showing off my tattoo. When someone as talented as this Japanese tattoo artist is working on your ink, you have a duty to show it off.

Okay, there’s only one and a half hours to go before I can have something to eat. That’s just three half an hour blocks. Doable. I just have to try to talk really loudly for the next little bit to try and cover up the loud rumblings coming from my stomach.

I hope I don’t look bad in front of this Japanese tattooist. In the Brisbane area, customers can get a name for themselves because it’s not that big a city. Most business owners know each other and they talk to each other – I’m sure of it. I just hope this tattooist says how good a customer I was and fails to mention my unfortunate hunger situation. Only time will tell.