Ironic Energy Failure

Part of me knows that when I get home from work, I shouldn’t just totally veg. Like, it would feel amazing to just collapse on the sofa, watch hours and hours of Tabby Crawshaw videos and eventually just fall asleep like that until work the next morning.

But I can’t. I must resist. The evening is a time for going out for a jog, getting laundry done, eating a healthy dinner, putting away clothes, keeping on top of my correspondence, paying bills and calling my mother. 

Yes. Surely. Ugh, so grown-up

Today we had a lecture at work comparing competing commercial solar companies. Sydney is supposedly having a revolution, so… yep, we all had to learn about it, and why this is going to save the planet. Except it was so warm. The room was just the right temperature, it was after lunch, and I didn’t have time to make a coffee before I went in there. The lady at the front had a very interesting presentation prepared about 100kw systems, and all the best companies across Australia providing commercial solar solutions.

But there’s me with heavy eyes, definitely exacerbated by staying up late the night before because I just had to stay awake to watch the Echolocation finale. Briony was on the verge of her human gill implantation experiments but her workshop was attacked by a school of swordfish, so she straps on the scuba gear, grabs her fencing cutlass off the wall and goes outside, and then…

I forget. Think I fell asleep. And I was pretty dead tired the next day, let me tell you. Now I really can’t remember anything about solar energy or KW systems. Commercial energy storage? I got nothing. Industrial solar installation? Nothing, I’m afraid.

Time to start being grown up… tomorrow, after I’ve slept for fourteen hours. Besides, what good is calling my mother going to be if I’m just going to fall asleep on her mid-conversation?