Bureau Scoop

Hi! My name’s Benson Brabson. You’ve probably haven’t heard of me, but who knows? Soon enough, I may just be a household name, and you’ll be able to say you knew of me before everyone else did.


Why do I flatter myself to think I may end up a household name? Well, I’m an up-and-coming documentary filmmaker, and I’ve got an absolute killer of an idea. The world has never seen a doco like this before. You see, I’ve got an inside connection to a top-secret laboratory with direct connections to the World Bureau of Investigations. I can’t name any names at this point, but rest assured, there’s a whistle to be blown there and I’m going to find it. I’m not sure what it is yet, but there’s bound to be something.


I’m sure it’s something to do with aliens. There: I said it. My documentary is going to be an alien expose, with real, actual sources and direct footage of the alien crafts hidden in the secret lab. Also, none of this dodgy phone camera business. It’s going to be a true high-end video production. Around Melbourne, everyone thinks they’re a filmmaker just because they have a fancy phone, and that’s why alien expose documentaries have such a bad name.


What if I can’t get the footage I’m looking for, you ask? That’s a very real possibility, sure. If it comes to that, I’ll hire a video animation company to recreate what my source describes. Don’t worry, it’s not what you’re probably picturing – I won’t be using any of that spooky slash new-age music you may be associating with doco animation.


The vibe I’m going for is more… factual. Yes, that’s the right word. I’m setting out to tell a true story here. Never mind that I don’t know what the story is yet – as if there wouldn’t be a juicy one locked up in that WBI laboratory, and I just know I’ve got the chops as a documentarian to get to the bottom of it.


All I need now is some funding, and a means of getting to Geneva. Anyone?