Up to No Good?

I’m a tad concerned about my brother. Specifically, I’m concerned that maybe he’s up to something in his professional life that’s not altogether above board. Malcolm has always worked in the corporate world, mostly in roles that I can’t begin to fathom but which seem to be rather well compensated, if his penthouse apartment is anything to go by. His job title is always something along the lines of ‘sales data reporting advisor to the chief deputy manager of portfolio sub-divisions’.

Why am I concerned? Well, I’ve finally started taking a demonstrable interest in what it is that he actually does, and discovering that the answers are not forthcoming. He’s super evasive on the subject, and won’t even tell me what industry his company is in. He’s like, “It’s just business… we do business stuff.” Then he mutters something about data acquisition and sort of tails off, before hastily changing the subject. 

Originally, all I wanted to know was if he could recommend any sales training courses, as I’m meant to be doing some self-directed professional development this year. That’s when I first noticed how tight lipped Malcolm is on anything to do with business. Management at his place of work, I’ve been able to surmise, enforces a strict code of secrecy, and I’m now determined to find out why that would be. I mean, surely it can’t be anything good… can it?

Maybe they run a puppy preschool for police dogs, which also happens to house the world’s best chocolaterie, contacted for exclusive service to the Danish royal family. That’s an example of a good reason for secrecy. Seems unlikely, though. Or maybe it’s that Malcolm doesn’t want me to do any form of corporate leadership training, since it could put me on the path to usurping him as the conventionally successful sibling. I mean, that’s hardly a good reason, but at least it doesn’t indicate criminal undercurrents on Malcolm’s part.

Or maybe he just has a really boring job, and doesn’t like talking about it. I guess that’s possible.