The Finished Build

Like my wife said in her last blog post, today is the day we are supposed to move into our new luxury home on the Mornington Peninsula. This home is about five years of work, from the planning stage to the build and everything in between.

My son, bless his soul, helped us design it in the initial stages. At the time we all thought that this would be an entertaining house. We knew that my son would be around nineteen when we moved in and estimated that he’d live with us for about six years before he moved out. He designed the house so that he’d be able to have friends over all the time. Our new home has a massive pool and outdoor kitchen. There are multiple entertaining areas in the backyard, including an alfresco area for when my son planned to entertain in winter. As you would already be aware, my son is no longer around to see his designs come to fruition. 

He would have been so happy today. He would have loved to have seen what the luxury home contractors had come up with after reviewing his designs. It’s the middle of summer so I know he would have just run straight through the front door and out the back door to jump in the pool. That’s how he would have christened the house. Then, because he would have been of legal age, we would have cracked open a couple of cold beers and toasted the next phase of our lives. Now I will never get that opportunity to spend that special moment with my son. 

I’m worried about my wife’s reaction when she sees the home. She’s been really hands-off when working with the luxury residential architects. In the Mornington Peninsula, it’s recommended that you work closely with your builders for the best results. I adopted that role because I knew my wife couldn’t. I hope that moving into our new house isn’t too much for her.